Maria Cristina Espacio

Maria Espacio - Administrative Assistant Hi! I’m Maria Cristina Espacio - a graduate of Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Technology and living in the Philippines. I became a mum when I was 22 years old. At that time, I had to make sure that I was able to take care of my son both physically and financially. The first [...]


Mary Joy Posadas

Mary Posadas - Customer Support Representative I grew up in California, but moved back here in the Philippines to pursue my career as a Forensic Psychologist. I started working as a Customer Service Representative in 2019 in a BPO company, but was later promoted to become a trainer. My tasks included preparing training for the newly hired employees, coaching, [...]


Rachelle Jade Trance-Dicman

Rachelle Dicman - Customer SupportHi, my name is Rachelle Jade Trance-Dicman. I am a graduate of Mass Communication with the University of Baguio, batch 2013. I am the youngest child among four siblings, and a wife to a loving husband.Like any other Filipino, I ventured into different jobs after graduating so that I could provide well for my family. I [...]


Chedelyn Gee G. Tabalba

Chedelyn Tabalba - CSR, Technical Assistant I always thought that my dream was to be an author where I could start a small Indie publishing house and beat Random House Publishing. I imagined myself in a coffee shop reading the introduction of the next best-selling adventure novel. For me, it seemed like an appropriate dream given my BA in [...]


Jech Alexander Jose

Jech Alexander Jose - Encoder, Technical Support Representative Hi! My name is Jech Alexander Jose, but my colleagues call me Alex. Being a father at an early age is not an easy task. Particularly going to school on the weekdays and helping taking care of the baby at the same time! It was hard finding ways to sustain our [...]


Katrina Marisse Palomar

Katrina Marisse Palomar - Customer Support, Technical Support Hello there! My name is Katrina Marisse Palomar and my friends, family, and colleagues call me Kat. I started working when I was 17. During that time I was studying and did a part-time job as a sales associate in one of the well-known clothing brands in the Philippines. At that [...]