Ray An M. Santos – Customer Service Representative

ray-an-santos-workingI am a positive minded person who has a positive attitude towards life.

I started my career as a collections agent back in 2008, the same year when my eldest daughter was born.

Life was a challenge for us that year for the reason that my daughter was sick and it reached the point where she had to be at the NICU or the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. I was so worried at that time and spent a lot of time crying and praying that she’ll be okay. A week after being under close observation, she was released from the hospital, and we quickly had her Baptised. I am happy to say she is now eleven years old and one smart little lady. 🙂

After three years working as a collections agent I shifted my role to Customer Service Representative with a different company – it was a totally different environment and things did not go quite the way I planned. I transferred to UPS International, a new line of business where we provided service for shipping, tracking, and everything related to packages. In 2014 I started my sales career, which was a new role for me and one which I found challenging and a bit frustrating – especially when you think you have done your best but still not enough to close the sale.

ray-an-santos-profileI am a person who is always up to the challenge. I always look at the brighter side of the hard-work that a person can do. It’s not just the statistics and the numbers that I need to deliver; there’s the reward of the hard-work and dedication and it’s the incentives we can get if we deliver the number of sales required.

My current company is Cloudstaff and I am from the Revenue Processing Department – part of the back office team. I was overwhelmed for the reason that I no longer take in calls, so again a new environment for me. I didn’t have any plans for leaving the company until my greatest fear happened… in September of 2019 I lost my Dad. 🙁

It changed everything – my plans, our everyday life, my passion and dedication to work – all of them changed. It’s the hardest feeling – you don’t want something to happen, but you also know God has plans. And my late Dad is part of his plan so I have to accept the fact that he is no longer with us physically, but I know he is always there for us spiritually.

I have to stay positive and face the challenges in life, for everything happens for a reason. I am a warrior and no one can put me down.

I hope that my experiences at work and in life can be seen in a positive light and prove that I can be a great addition to your company. Positive as always!

Ray An 🙂

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