Reynalyn M. Allesa – Customer Service Specialist

reynalyn-allesa-portraitHi – it’s me Reynalyn! My name is derived from a Spanish word “Reyna” which means ‘Queen’ because I’m responsible, approachable, family oriented, independent and I can easily appreciate someone who does good for me and even to those who do not! Lol

However, people often called me Reyn (pronounced “Rain”) – as a soft spoken, sweet, friendly, positive, understanding and outgoing person who really likes travel, adventures, spending time with family and friends.

I can start telling you my childhood experiences and how life was going on before I became a successful individual…

I learned from my parents to meet all life difficulties with a joyful heart. To tell you honestly, I came from a strict, poor family, living in the province and my parent’s source of income was from farming to sustain our daily expenses. Yet, it was not enough to send us to school and provide for our individual needs.

My grandmother provided us with food, clothing, and money until I finished my grade school. When my grandfather died and my aunts flew back here to the Philippines to attend the funeral, my two aunties from Australia gave their siblings a reynalyn-allesa-outdoors$100 each and my parents used that money for a small grocery store, and worked it to become bigger and able to support what we needed.

When I was in High School my Aunt from Australia sponsored my studies and sent me to a private school until I finished College. After that I became independent, living alone and away from my parents. Now, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently helping my younger siblings to achieve their dreams too. I have 4 siblings; my brother next to me is a graduate of BS in Criminology and successfully working in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The 3rd one is a fresh College graduate. While my sister and youngest brother are in Senior High School.

Being eldest in the family I need to be responsible and a role model to my younger siblings. I grew up in a fearful environment and because of this matured quickly. My parents are very strict and over protective, and no one could ever meet their standards. This is why I’m still single at age 29. I have been having a hard time entering into a relationship because my mum is very practical and always wanted someone who has credentials, stable job, and from a good family background for me to have a better future.

I certainly understand my mum’s point of view; that she doesn’t want me to experience what she had experienced… but I think that’s too much for her to dictate what I should do and choose who to love. She always told me that I must use my mind, then degraded me because I was not able to pass the licensure exam for Nursing, and that I’m earning less than what they
expected – this can all be a bit depressing.

I had been in a domestic violence situation since grade school through to College. If my siblings or I made a simple mistake there was a certain punishment and my mother never accepted sorry for what was done. I and my brother always had bruises over our bodies every time we didn’t excel on an exam, or if we failed to do household chores, etc.. My mum has a smart mouth and no one could ever stop her from speaking her mind or even hurting us physically in front of other people.

I didn’t have the freedom to choose what I wanted to be; and I didn’t have the voice to tell them what I feel. I would spend alot of time crying alone, praying and hoping. I want them to see me as happy and strong… but deep inside my heart I’m broken.

I worked hard and tried my very best to impress them by helping my siblings and providing them with what they need in the province, but they don’t appreciate it at all and I feel hopeless to win their heart.

Five years ago I decided to leave well enough alone and focus on myself. I wanted to be happy despite of all the heartaches and depression of my past. Now I travel a lot, go mountain climbing, enjoy nature adventures with friends, food trips, have night outs and go Island hopping. My goal is to experience everything and avoid regrets.

GOD is so good to me because he guided me to the right path and taught me to forgive and forget all the heartaches. Years later, I felt relieved and went back home even though nothing had changed with my mum’s attitude. I firmly stood by my decision to be with my fiance – even though she was against it. Home and family mean a great deal to me and it is natural that I should desire the security of a peaceful mind and settled home environment where I can enjoy the companionship. I do hope that one day she can accept me and my partner as we build our own family.

Nobody’s perfect and I grew up with the pressure of perfection and fear of committing a mistake. I always make sure of my actions and decisions in every task by verifying with the person responsible and do my utmost to fulfill the responsibility. Whatever I set out to accomplish I do my very best to complete in accordance with what I consider to be right. I am the type of person who can work under pressure with less supervision. I am a fast learner and willing to learn more to enhance my knowledge and skills.

I know I’m the best I can be, even though my parents won’t agree with that. I’ll continue to dream and work hard for my own good.

Remember my name REYNALYN through these acronyms:
Responsible daughter and employee; Explorer – always ready for adventures; Youthful look at age of 29 Lol; Nice inside and out; Approachable according to my friends; Listening is one of my best traits; Yeasty – creative and productive 🙂 and Never surrender.

For a copy of Reynalyn’s resume please click here.