Ryan Mari Laporre Mirasol – Administrative Assistant

ryan-mirasol-profileHi everyone, my name is Ryan Mari L. Mirasol. Ryan for short. Yes, my name sounds unique, Ryan came from Regina, my mom’s grandmother and Mari came from Mary as my birthday falls the day before Mama Mary’s birthday.

I’m just a simple guy growing all my life here in Cebu, Philippines. I came from a middle-class family, my father is a government employee and then my mum is a housewife. I’m really proud of my parents because they raised their four children very well. My father did not come from a well-off family. He applied for scholarships to go to school and graduate college. He worked hard to feed us and started from the bottom and now he is one of the respected leaders in their department. My mum is also a hard worker, not only in raising us but she also finds ways to earn money like sewing and selling ready to wear clothing.

Being a kid was really the time you want to go back to. I miss playing in the streets. Playing backyard games and basketball were our favorite past times, and during summertime we often flew kites. I also miss the time when my mother scolded me when I wouldn’t sleep in the afternoon, or skipped washing the dishes. Those were the days! 😀

Fast forward to college…

ryan-mirasol-roastingI chose Nursing as a course, not because I really liked it but because it was “in-demand” at the time – maybe due to the high salaries offered abroad. I did not take it seriously and I often cut some classes and just played computer games. When our final grades came in, I saw two failing grades. I snapped to and realised what would my father think – he worked hard just to pay the high tuition in my school. I asked for another chance and promised not to fail again. Luckily, up to my graduation, I did not fail any subjects and I even passed the Licensure Exam with only one take. Those are my proudest memories as I am not that bright. I just believe in myself that I can do it.

In college I met my lovely wife. She is also a nurse. We’ve now been together for 10 years and married for 5 of those years. We are blessed with one child. Being a father was also a very proud moment for me. Being a father is not a joke, you have to earn well to provide for your family’s needs. After two years working as a Public Health Nurse, and now with a family, I needed to earn more and the BPO industry is where I found myself.

The work was still kind of connected to being a nurse because the client we had was a health insurance company that deals with medicine pre-certification. I stayed there for 2 and a half years. It was a great experience but also a tiring one.

The next job I had was being a Homebased Virtual Assistant to a businessman. I had a wide variety of daily tasks that I needed to complete from AdWords to social media management, Photoshop editing, email management, and much more. I really enjoyed my work because I really love to learn new things. I also love to research, and when I successfully follow correctly a tutorial, I feel thoroughly satisfied.

After that work experience, I had a part-time job as a YouTube transcriber for a website that catered for hearing impaired clients. And recently, I have come back to being a Public Health worker.

So that’s my life story… I hope you will give me the opportunity to offer my services to you in the near future.

For a copy of Ryan’s resume please click here.