Shawn Ajeb Babiera – Customer Service

shawn-babiera-profileGood Day! Let me first introduce myself. My name is Shawn Ajeb D. Babiera, but you can call me “Shawn” or “Mako”! My parents always call me that! (short for “Ma-hal Ko” or in english “my love”).

I’m an only child and wish to support my family home-based since we can’t work due to the pandemic. It is a great privilege for me to work and support my family financially.

I graduated as a Seafarer (Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation) but worked as a CSR after graduation. After resigning to pursue my dreams, I sailed to different countries, experienced different cultures, and explored new dishes. I’m a foodie btw! Haha. I love to travel and eat different dishes based on the countries I visit. After I finished my contract, I haven’t been able to sail anymore due to the pandemic.

I always find a way to support my family, and it is a great advantage to work home based since we’re only 3 persons in the family. My mother always get sad when I’m not around since my dad is working. So my main motivation to work is to help my parents.

I am a tech savvy person. I do video games, reports, and office stuff. I used to be one of the best agents in the Philippines due to my high Satisfied Customer shawn-babiera-outdoorsrate. I am comfortable and reliable in this kind of work and I would like to do it again. I am also patient and always do my best in my line of work.

Off work, I am a fun guy and easy to get along with. I’m a pet lover and a plant daddy! I have 2 dogs and many plants. I love being surrounded by positive people since I love to have fun. I share my aspirations with my girlfriend who pushes me to become successful. I love to play sports as well! I play basketball, badminton, swimming and I also can play chess!

I love to balance fun and work. I built my discipline when I was at college because being a seafarer you need to have discipline and work hard. Now that doesn’t mean I am a serious person I just know how and when to apply fun and discipline in my line of work. That’s the reason why I love being challenged and that is my main advantage as a person, my discipline, in my work and with my health!

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