Shela Orsua – Civil Engineer

shela-orsua-profileMy name is Shela, a licensed Civil Engineer from the Philippines specializing in Estimates and Quantity take-offs with over 5 years of extensive experience in the Construction industry for Mid-rise commercial buildings, shopping malls and local infrastructure project. Growing up, I know I wanted to be something more. When I was in middle school, I never thought I be would an Engineer, you know people said Engineers are only for those who are wizard in numbers. As for me, I am that average joe who only knows how add and subtract. Fast forward to college, I gladly took on the challenge, studied countless of books, probably solved thousands of Math problems and eventually win them all. I say life is challenging in general, if it’s not then we’d basically die of boredom.

I am passionate about a lot of things. I am passionate in reading books, cooking for my parents, taking care of my two cats and one dog and just being an internet savvy of course. I also like learning by myself. In fact, Youtube is my second favorite thing in shela-orsua-profilethe world. I love watching webinars, tutorials and vlog.

My proudest moment to date would be the project that I finished in early 2019. I was given a chance to stood as a Project – in – Charge for a Construction and Improvement of a Provincial Road here in Laguna, Philippines. This was where I discovered my full potential. That you just need that one shot to fully say that you can literally run your own project, finish and turn over them to the owner. Right now, I’m back as an Estimator, the reason why I love being an Engineer. I am just happy and proud to witness projects from the ground and up.

For a copy of Shela’s resume please click here.