Sherry Mae De Guzman

Sherry De Guzman - Social Media Manager Hi there! My name is Sherry and I am your next Social Media Manager and Virtual Assistant. I have always been into social media since the day it became the talk of the town. In my case, it was way back in 2009. I remember the feeling of seeing a friend request [...]


Samera Hayashi

Samera Hayashi - Social Media Management Hi, I'm Samera Hayashi, 27 years old from Caloocan, Philippines. I graduated with a degree of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management. My basic philosophy in life is "Do more with less". I offer my clients quality work output and I consider every company I've worked with as my very own. I work [...]


Rianna Ysabel G. Viray

Rianna Viray - Digital Marketing Hello! My name is Rianna! And trust me when I say that I am not in fact a singer. Sad eh? Well, don't be, because I am what you need... I am a Virtual Assistant that specialises in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, and research. That sounds more appealing, right? [...]

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