Jierette Genetia

Jierette Genetia - Administrative Assistant, Graphics Editor Hi! I'm Jierette Genetia. My nickname is Jet. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Philippine Christian University last 2015. Due to family and financial concerns, I graduated later than expected. But it didn’t hinder me from finishing my studies. In my mind at that time, I had to [...]


Isun Veloz

Isun Veloz - Administrative Assistant, Real Estate Hi, I'm Isun Veloz, you can call me "Sun," just like the Sun in the sky," ready to brighten up your day! I'm a great singer and performer. I love making people happy. I like working in a positive environment, the load of work will always be heavy as it is because [...]


Joy Bien R. Cuales

Joy Cuales - Administrative Assistant, eCommerce I am Joy Bien R. Cuales, you can call me Joy. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology Major in Early Childhood Education at St. Paul University Quezon City. I started working in 2014 as an admin support associate at 51 Talk English Philippines and after a year, I got [...]


Jovel S. Hinampas

Jovel Hinampas - Administrative Assistant Jovel S. Hinampas, LPT at your service! "Before the reward, there must be labor.” These were exactly the words that have been planted in my mind since my childhood days. That is why, during my elementary and Highschool days, I graduated as a Class Valedictorian. College is tough. I graduated last 2018 with a [...]


Rica Mae Abug

Rica Abug - Administrative Assistant, eCommerce, Customer Service Hello! I’m Rix. I have a total of 5 years of experience in office administration, customer service, and eCommerce. I graduated in 2015 and in the same year landed my first job as an administrative staff for the head office of a one-stop-shop remittance company. I was later on promoted to [...]


Sheryl Concepcion

Sheryl Concepcion - Administrative Assistant, Digital Marketing You might wonder who is the star that is looking for a job! I'm not a Hollywood star, but a star of my own dreams. People who know me well call me She since my name is Sheryl. A simple glimpse of me that I can share about myself is that I'm [...]


Floderlyn Marcelo

Floderlyn Marcelo - Customer Service Representative Hi! I'm Floderlyn. Most people mispronounce my name as Florderlyn, some are Flordelyn. To avoid confusion, you can call me Flod. I don't have a bachelor's degree. At a tender age of 16, I got pregnant. I had to stop studying to fulfill my role as a mother. I studied college for only [...]


Hasim Buday

Hasim Buday - Customer Service Representative My name is Hasim Buday and I took up the Bachelor of Science in Development Management Major in Public Affairs Management. I am happily married and I am a father of three handsome kids. I am a hardworking person and I never give up on my dreams to finish my degree. I grew [...]


Recelle Ramos Perez

Recelle Perez - Customer Service Representative Because I started working at the age of 20, I never envisioned myself being unemployed at the age of 42. I was fortunate enough to work for the Philippines' major telecommunications business.  I've never had to submit employment proposals, go through job interviews, or face employer rejections. My first day at work, I [...]


Trishna Hemnani

Trishna Hemnani - Customer Service , Lead Generation Specialist Hello everyone. My name is Trishna Hemnani, but you can call me Ish. I am an Indian but born and brought up here in the Philippines. People say I look Spanish or Australian because both my parents are white, which is not typically seen in Indians. I completed my college [...]

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