Jennifer Nagpala

Jennifer Nagpala - Administrative Assistant I recently worked as Real Estate Virtual Assistant in Team Ocean Breeze where I delivered 5-10 complete and correct Vacant Land Listing Agreement, Wire Fraud & ABA disclosure, POMA and Change status form. I always make sure that the documents are properly signed and posted. I evaluate 15-20 properties in a day using different [...]


Mary Rose Bartido

Mary Bartido - Real Estate, Bookkeeping I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology at Father Saturnino Urios University and I was a Student Assistant in that same University for 2 years. I worked hard to survive college even though I was a working student. Accounting is my passion. Aside from working with numbers, it helps [...]


Jeannen Jardeniano

Jeannen Jardeniano - Bookkeeper, Accountant My name is Jeannen Jardeniano you can call me JEAN for short. I am double degree holder. I graduated at Rizal Technological University with a degree in BS Accounting Technology. I was a University scholar and one of the Dean's Listers. I wanted to pursue my dream to be a CPA or Licensed Accountant, [...]

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