Blesilda O. Baluyot

Hello I am Bless, a Virtual Professional, HR Practitioner and ESL Trainer. I have an Education Degree and I am an Industrial Relations Diploma Graduate from Univerity of the Philippines. I have 2 years work experience as a Virtual Assistant in Human Resources and as a Project Manager. In addition to this I have 6 years of ESL Teaching and Curriculum Development and Academic Writing. Lastly, is 14 years of front to end Human Resources Training and Organisational Development Manager for BPO Recruitment, Exporting, Retail/Direct Selling and BPO Companies.


Kevin Amistad – Lead Generation Specialist

I am a Lead Generation Specialist with on-the-job knowledge of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. On top of that I have above average technical skills after commencing studies in Information Technology. I am a fast-learner and have an eye for detail. I am also very eager to learn new skills and develop them to better support you as my potential employer.

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