Tai Mavericc Mijares – ESL Teacher


My name is Mavericc. I hope that while reading this you are in great health and good spirits.

Just to give you a bit of my background:

I was raised and educated in California. My Pops wanted me to follow in his footsteps and join the military, but I chose to pursue my artistic nature. I was able to graduate with an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts and started my own Art Company. That did well for a while until the travelling bug bit me. Fast forward a few years, I now live and work in the Philippines.

My work here is such big a leap from the Arts world as I found myself working in the BPO industry. First as an agent then as a Language Communications Trainer, focusing on the rules of the English Language. Along with that, I incorporated Acculturation into my courses (as culture plays a massive part in how English is spoken throughout the continents).

mavericc-mijares-bondingAlong the way in my professional career, I also experienced working in recruitment and product training for several accounts and clients such as sales, customer service and lead generation. While training for these accounts, I made it a point to actively serve by performing the tasks real time.

I have since moved into the ESL online community and have been doing well for the last three years, working with some adult learners and children between the ages of five to High School.

Outside of my daily grind, I also am a Professional Wrestler. I find that it offers me a way to detoxify and relieve stress. It also keeps me physically fit since I have a sedentary lifestyle. If ever you visit the Philippines, I would welcome you to take in one of our events, they are very fun!

I believe that I would make a great addition to the team that you have in place. I feel that I would be able to add some knowledge as well as being a reliable team member. I would also like to learn from your experiences and practices.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon,

For a copy of Mavericc’s resume please click here.