Tennille Allen – Office Administrator and Sales Professional

Virtual Assistant Tennille AllenHi there – thanks for getting to know a little bit more about me.

My name is Tennille Allen and I am 30 something years young with a love of family, the outdoors and coffee. In my down time you will find me at my gym or enjoying a glass of wine and a cheese platter, because life should be about balance!

Growing up in Brisbane I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood alongside my 2 older brothers. Our time outside of school was filled with being outdoors, riding bikes, playing sports, family camping holidays and us kids fighting with each other. It was the typical QLD upbringing.

My school life was also enjoyable (most of the time) – I remember having positive, strong relationships with my teachers and friends. Although I enjoyed being at school, once I reached high school I couldn’t wait to get out and start working for my own money and the freedom that would bring me.

From an early age, I remember being fiercely independent and from watching my parents who were both very hard workers, it was only natural that I too would develop a strong work ethic. This quality has helped immensely throughout my working career and in other areas of my life.

A friend of mine’s family owned their own takeaway shop and after months and months of telling him how great a worker I would be (aka nagging him), my persistence paid off and I was offered casual work in their shop – at 13 years of age. Goodbye weekends, but hello money! And I have not stopped working since.

In 2014, I relocated to Mackay on the central coast of Queensland and have loved the change of scenery from Brisbane, and the experience of living in a smaller town. My partner and I would like to move south again one day so this is why I have transitioned into remote consultant work – so that my work can move with me wherever I go.

My working experience is varied, as outlined in my resume, but at the heart of who I am is someone who loves a challenge while learning new skills and quicker, smarter ways of doing business. I thrive on helping businesses become more efficient and successful in their own right. No two clients or their needs are the same, so with this chosen career path there is so much versatility and diversity, that I feel like I have found my niche and can see myself in this field for many years to come.

For a copy of Tennille’s resume please click here.