Agnes Ramirez

Agnes Ramirez - General Virtual Assistant Hi! My name is Agnes S. Ramirez, 34 years old from the Philippines! I am blessed with two beautiful girls, a 13 year-old teen and a 5-year old princess. I am very artistic and creative. I also love to sing and dance. When I have my idle times, aside from cuddling my kids, [...]


Vince Rhail Alo

Vince Alo - Customer Service Representative Hi there! I am Vince Rhail Alo, my friends and colleagues call me Vince. I am a Human Resource Management and Development graduate, with honors. I take pride in my academic achievement because I supported my studies. I juggled school and work to acquire my Bachelor’s Degree. I do not have kids but [...]


Ryan Carlo Medrozo

Ryan Medrozo - Recruitment Consultant Hi, my name is Ryan, however, I prefer to be called Rainne. I am a registered nurse by profession and when I started to work, I first landed a job as a company nurse and throughout most of my working career as well. I have a very interesting working experience since I was also [...]


Kris Marie Alconada

Kris Alconada - Customer Support Representative, Data EntryIt's my pleasure to introduce myself, my name is Kris Marie Alconada, I am 34 years old, with two kids, from Batangas City. I am originally from Iloilo City but since I got separated from my husband, I decided to stay here in Batangas city with my sisters.SchoolI graduated from Central Philippines University, [...]


Mel Alodiah Panganiban

Mel Panganiban - Administrative Assistant Good Morning! I am Mel Alodiah Panganiban and I am hoping that I can be of service to you soon. It is always a Good Morning because every morning means we celebrate a new life and a new challenge. I always have a mixture of positivity and optimism in all my endeavours. And I [...]


Paradyse Miller

Paradyse Miller - Administrative Assistant My name is Paradyse, but my family calls me Parry. I am the oldest among 4 children and 1 of 23 grandchildren with an ever expanding family line. My favorite things to do are sing and dance with my family or lay around watching movies with my boyfriend. My favorite food has changed from Pop-Tarts [...]


Princess Marie Gaba

Princess Gaba - Administrative Assistant Hello, I am Princess Gaba and here's how being a Virtual Assistant changed my life... I used to be an Insurance agent for years where I meet people, worked in the field and offered the best product that fits my client. When I became a Virtual Assistant, I became thankful for three things - [...]


Diana Manlulu

Diana Manlulu - Executive Assistant I pride myself in helping entrepreneurs set up their company to success, taking the lead in hiring the best team, setting up the admin and running the operations and marketing. I love being in service to my clients and open doors to my fellow Filipinos for employment. To summarise my journey: Administrative Assistant – [...]


Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre

Rachelle Basadre - Recruitment, Administrative and Customer Support Hello, I am Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre, a wife, a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, and a singer. I studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from 2010-2017. It took me 7 years to graduate from college due to financial limitations since Xavier University is one of the finest schools here and the [...]