Vincent Pierre Narcelles – Customer Service Representative

vincent-narcelles-profileGood Day! I am Vincent Pierre Narcelles, 43 years old and married with 3 children. I am originally from Baguio City and currently living here in Rosario La Union.

Having multiple types of job experiences has helped me to improve my skills and knowledge on how to handle problems or concerns and enabled me to think outside of the box. My first ever job was a Fryer in Jollibee, then I worked in Baguio Country Club as a checker where we verified the guest on the system on the status of their membership. My next job was as a waiter in Baguio Mandarin Restaurant where I was a waiter for 1 year then was promoted as a cashier for 2 years. This is where I learned how to properly interact with different types of people and how to handle complaints or concerns of customers.

After that, my family requested that I transfer to La Union to help in our small family business. We stayed there for 3 years. I then went back to Baguio City and worked for Baguio Mandarin Restaurant again for 3 months.

I needed to find a better paying job because my family is growing, especially with the expenses at home. That was the time I applied in Sitel in 2010. The account was a financial account and I worked as a customer service representative. After 3 years, I transferred to Convergys and worked as a customer service representative for 7 months. I had to resign because my daughter got pregnant at an early age and there was a complication when she gave birth. I had to take care of my daughter and grandson for 3 months in the hospital.

When my daughter got back on her feet, I worked at ThoughtFocus for almost 2 years as a Process Associate. The company is a third party representative verifying information for customers given to us by our clients to verify their loan application. At first, I was a customer service representative receiving calls. After a year, I was transferred to the processing department in which we performed outbound calls and verified information requested by clients and vincent-narcelles-familycommunicate with the customer and clients via email.

My last job was with Technodream Webworks. This a small call center company that caters to cellphone repairs. As a customer service representative, I multi-task by handling chat support, outbound calls, and inbound calls. I just worked there for 3 months because my family requested that my family and I permanently live in Rosario, La Union.

I am currently helping out in our family business but due to the current situation of the COIVD 19, most businesses are closed with no income. I was advised to find work home-based, and with the experience I have with different BPO companies, I would be able to apply the things I have learned from different companies. Thank you!

For a copy of Vincent’s resume please click here.