Featured Website Developers


Lyndon Ardel Suarez

I learned the different tasks/work that would be performed by an Online Freelancer, particularly a Virtual Assistant. My skills are Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CRM Management, and Develop a Website (Using WordPress).

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Shaira San Sebastian

Shaira has worked with WordPress and other WYSIWYG editors to create websites, performed photo editing using Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva and Photomatix, and worked with Shopify. She is experienced with creating Facebook Ads, using WooCommerce, and managing Social Media accounts.

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Rose Ann Servino

Rose is an IT Specialist with a Degree in Computer Science. She has worked with a range of operating systems, security systems, servers, voice and networking applications.

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Marlito Dungog

Marlito is a Web Developer who has designed his own PHP framework. He is proficient in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML and WordPress. He can design, perform graphic design and project management. Marlito holds a Bachelor of Science Information Technology.

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NiƱa Jesica Yabes Tolentino

Nina has a wide range of skills that include content writing, social media management, and research. To match that she is proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more.

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Kharen M. Kim

I attended webinars and signed up to an amazing online learning platform that focuses on teaching CMS based websites. The skills that I acquired are HTML5, CSS, WordPress and counting.

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Michelangelo Macaraeg

I am a Web Developer with almost a decade of experience under my belt. I am also quite experienced in other related fields such as Search Engine Optimisation, Affiliate Marketing, Server Management and Maintenance, Customer Service, etc.

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