Zlanne Averine M. Valleras – CSR and Sales Specialist

zlanne averine valleras CSRHi I’m Zlanne Averine Valleras 🙂

Being a mother of 2 is not always easy, especially on a financial front. While I don’t like to leave my kids, I need to so that I can earn money for their future. I work as a Customer Representative with Sales in a BPO company who assists customers with their Telco bills. After 6 months I received an award for outstanding customer service. My secret to the quality of the service I provide is I put myself in the customer’s shoes to resolve their issues. This allows me to see what they need the most.

Being a Sales and Customer Rep can be challenging as you need to speak with different people with different issues, and you, as their point of contact, need to be their consultant who resolves their issues. I love talking to customers and helping to find solutions to their concerns, and I also love earning money for my kids future. When I heard of the possibility of working from home I grabbed the opportunity, as it will allow me to work while watching my kids grow up.

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