Nori Haru Fukuzawa

Nori Fukuzawa - Customer Service Representative Hi! My full name Is Nori Haru M. Fukuzawa II. I'm Half Filipino, Half Japanese and I'm Currently living in Bago Gallera, Davao City. I'm an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. I started working in the BPO industry in 2013 as a Market Research Interviewer. Afterward, I became one of the [...]


Brian Rose Tabing

Brian Tabing - Customer Service Representative Hello There! I am Brian Rose Tabing and my closest friends and family call me Bry. I know my second name is interesting, it's a "rose" and I'm a guy. I find it unique and I love it. People find me upbeat, self-motivated, a leader material, and passionate at work with excellent communication [...]


Christian Obong

Christian Obong - Digital Marketing, Customer Service Hello, my name is Christian Obong, although people call me Chris. My professional career began in High School. Although I finished as class valedictorian, I did not intend to work in the corporate sector. Working alone will not make you wealthy, but having a business will. I started reading sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, [...]


Sushmita Gem Sumaylo Granada

Sushmita Granada - Administrative Assistant, Social Media Manager I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in International Studies at Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. When I graduated, I really wanted to be independent so I went out of my comfort zone and started working in Cebu as a call center agent. I have been working in [...]


Helen Joy Beniasan

Helen Beniasan - Executive Assistant I started working as a Virtual Assistant when I finished school in college. It was hard for me to adjust because it was new to me and I am not familiar with the tools that they're using but I learned. I started a job when I was in my first year of college. I [...]


Archie Dumalag

Archie Dumalag - Customer Service Representative First and foremost, my name is Archie. My parents, close friends and some people that I grew up with call me “A”, which came from my first letter of my first name, Archie. It’s kind of funny being given such a name when my birth month is February! I have worked in different [...]


Joanne Andrea Nacionales

Joanne Nacionales - Administrative Assistant I’m Joanne Andrea Espiritu Lualhati Nacionales. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration major in Management. My first job was a Telesales Representative. I enjoy working in a team environment and I get along well with people, especially in maintaining a good relationship with the customers. But eventually, I’ve decided to try [...]


Nikki Mericarr Guadalupe

Nikki Guadalupe - Human Resource, Real Estate Hi! My name is Nikki Mericarr and I am here to tell you my story. I am the 2nd of 4 siblings. I used to be a papa's girl. Unfortunately, my father died before I even graduated from college. He used to work as a school administrator. I've witnessed his interactions with [...]


Hernanda Genialope

Hernanda Genialope - Customer Service Representative I'm Hernanda Genialope but you can call me "Nanda ''. I am the eldest among my siblings and as a sister, I want to be a good role model for my younger brother. I finished college with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and believe it or not IT was [...]

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