Aiza Fesariton Asaytono – Engineer, Writer and Researcher

aiza-asaytono-officeHi! I’m Aiza Asaytono. You can call me Aiza or Aiz.

I am a graduate of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the New Era University. After graduation, I worked in a different Engineering field as as an Estimator in a Steel Manufacturing Company. After a year, I got hired for a higher position as a Quantity Surveyor in a Land Developer Company and I worked there for four years. During my stay there, I was responsible for checking construction plans, making the project budget and having it approved by our top management, facilitating the bid process, evaluating bid proposals from different companies, making recommendations on which company should get the project, cost management, and contract management. Because all of this is not what I learned in college, I did my best to learn it on my own, through experience and with the help of my co-workers. This job developed my managerial skills, decision-making skills, and project management skills.

After working in an office-based job, I decided to resign because it took most of my time that wanted to spend with my family, especially with my dad who was diagnosed with cancer. We decided to start a business, but unfortunately it didn’t go well. After my dad passed away, I decided to work home-based so I could still be with my mum. I didn’t want to waste any more time again commuting to and from the office. I would rather be with the most important people in my life than regret it in the end.

I became an ESL Online teacher, Mathematics tutor, event organiser, and now, a writer and researcher. I am proficient in the following skills: usage of Microsoft Offices, Email organising using Gmail and Outlook, and Google Sheets, Documents and Calendars for schedule management and making reports.

My experience in working as an ESL teacher trained me in using the English language in speaking and writing. I am also familiar with AutoCAD. I’m very willing to learn more things and skills so I can meet all my clients’ requirements.

I am a hardworking person, easy to work with, and reliable. I value all my clients because they gave me trust, so I should do my best to not disappoint them.

For relaxation, I do calligraphy and painting. I also earn from my hobby because I accept commission works for this. Aside from calligraphy and painting, my way of relaxation is playing with my two dogs and one cat.

I hope that you will give me a chance to be on your team.

Thank you so much.

For a copy of Aiza’s resume please click here.