Al Aguilos – Financial Planning

al-aguilos-vaHi, my name is Al Aguilos, a 27 year old lad who was born and raised in Tacloban City.

I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship from Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) – Main campus in 2019. I also took two years in Civil Engineering, hoping to continue the legacy of my paternal grandfather, but things changed after two years and I decided to pursue a business degree instead.

Three days after my college graduation, I immediately jumped out of my comfort zone and looked for job opportunities in Cebu City. When I first arrived in Cebu, I did not know how to speak Bisaya (their native dialect). I did not know anyone in the city. I struggled to look for a place to stay and was hoping to get my first job. I was basically a nomad in a concrete jungle.

Later on, I was able to apply for a job as a Financial Planning Assistant in a company and this is where my journey as a laboring man started. My first challenge was to know how to speak Bisaya in order for me to understand the people and their culture in Cebu. This journey lasted for a year since I decided to go home because of the pandemic. Although going back home was tough for me, I still continued my career as an FPA.

I have been a Financial Planning Assistant for two years now and within those years, I helped financial advisers in Australia achieve their client’s goals to be financially stable. As an FPA, my job was to prepare all the meeting packs for the adviser’s client meetings, conduct product research for the adviser to compare and in order to formulate sound financial advise, manage their calendars and remind them daily, sending third party authorities to fund providers in order to get a better vision of the client’s current financial situation.

al-aguilos-vaAfter six-months working as a Financial Planning Assistant, I was then promoted to a senior role as a Senior FPA. As a Senior Financial Planning Assistant, I was assigned to the implementation team and was tasked to analyze SOAs and ROAs and prepare all the necessary forms for the clients’ to sign and implement those forms online. After submitting all the application forms, I would then conduct mandatory follow-ups to make sure that the implementation is on the right track. Once the implementation has been completed. I will proceed in doing lodgement quality checks to make sure that the implementation is compliant and has been done correctly.

For two years, I was able to handle tools such as Xplan, Midwinter, ClientHub, and Practifi for all of my data entry tasks, for generating invoices and implementing them, preparing Annual Advice Agreements (Fixed term agreements), and daily tasks management.

In the office, and as a member of the team, I am usually the silent one, and would only speak every time I would think of a joke that would crack-up the entire team. I enjoy working with amazing people from different corners of the country (and even the world) as I am able to know and understand different customs and cultures.

Outside the office, I am an adventurous type of person who loves going to beaches and would not stop until my skin gets really tanned. I do like spending time with my nieces as I love playing with kids. Lastly, I do enjoy cross city driving and visiting tourist spots with my friends and family.

I have learned so many things working as an FPA for the past two years and have honed skills that I can exhibit and will be beneficial to your company and hopefully help you achieve corporate and financial goals. This is the industry where I want to stay for my entire life and there’s no reason for me to leave.

One interesting fact about me is that I love chocolate cakes. I know it sounds too cliché, but I would die for a slice of chocolate cake. There was a time I ate one whole chocolate cake myself and kept it from my family.

I hope my story inspires you and I look forward to working with you soon!

For a copy of Al’s resume please click here.