Anna Lydnor B. Peneiro – ESL Teacher and Sales Manager

Anna Lydnor Peneiro Virtual AssistantHi, I’m Anna Lydnor Peneiro.

I have been in the virtual assistance industry for a while now and have worked at honing my skills to best support my clients or partners.

I am a graduate of AB Language and Literature from the University at Southeastern Philippines. I dreamed of being a lawyer but I became so much engaged with the VA industry that I have totally forgotten about law school. 🙂

After graduation, I worked as a college instructor for a year and then joined the BPO industry. Since then, I striven hard to be at the top. Like many, I started as a call center agent, became a trainer after a year, then a coach supervisor and then a sales manager trainee before I left that company after working there for 7 years.

Out of curiosity, I joined a VA firm and there I learned about how the virtual world works. I got a good offer but since I did not have enough skills to be competitive in that field, I decided to go back to teaching (from graveyard shift to day shift). As I had gotten used to working during the night I really had a hard time transitioning to the day work hours and wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be. Basically, being awake during the day became a struggle.

I started working at the young age of 20 and since then I have never stopped. I have been exposed to two different industries, academe and BPO – and the things that I learned from has molded me to be the better and competitive individual that I am now.

I am married with no kids. My husband and I have been working since our college graduations and travelling locally, which also serves as our way of relaxing after very busy days at work.

I am a very motivated person. I find a way to complete every task assigned to me and provide a good result. I can work with minimal or maximum supervision, and always aim to deliver. I value commitment and am passionate about everything that I do.

Administrative tasks, trained customer service, managing projects for different accounts and client communication are just a few of the skills and tasks that I have been exposed to and trained for. I love training and learning new things to enhance my skills. I believe that it is important to do this so I can provide more support and service to the team I am part of.

I was raised to have a very positive outlook of life, and consequently always look at the positive side of every challenge that I encounter – in both life and work.

And for me happiness is a choice, so every day I choose to be happy.

Thank you for reading my story. 🙂

For a copy of Anna’s resume please click here.