Arcelie Amora – Administrative Assistant

arcelie-amora-vaAdministrative Healthcare Account Specialist/ Medical Support

I’m a palliative and hospice home care nurse here in the Philippines, that deals with different patients from newborn to the elderly. I work almost 20 hours in a day with different part-time jobs and clearly, it’s my calling… until I realised I can still possibly serve patients when I’m at home.

My experience as a private nurse offered services to patients of all ages for various time frames to restore their independence and live an active, safe lifestyle. This made my skills competitive enough to handle tasks under pressure, and have taught me responsibility, accountability and to be more independent as an individual.

I also have prior experience working remotely as a medical virtual assistant. As an employee, I am confident that I can be flexible in any situation. I am dedicated, and reliable in coordinating with a team and have the ability to work with minimal supervision.

arcelie-amora-vaI experienced different clients, different personalities, but I do believe that attitude matters in every job because a positive attitude always gives power to handle different circumstances. I was a trained individual in the aspect of the healthcare industry, and some people often believe it is hard to outsource this, but the service is very stable and reliable when it comes to the client. In the medical industry working at home gives me the freedom to continue my learning and practice my profession.

Some of the tasks I am capable of are prescription refills, medical reviews, transcribing doctor’s orders, reception, insurance verification, medical billing, patient scheduling, sending medical notes and Labs, customer service, ICD10 Coding, CPT Codes (and many more), and email support. I am familiar with different EHR and EMR like EClinical, PowerChart, navigate, DrowZ, VOIP, Practice Fusion, and TRakNet.

I spend my free time with my daughter, parents, and visiting some friends, I love to do karaoke with friends and visit the beach as much as I can.

With my skills and knowledge, I believe that I can be the best candidate that you’re looking for.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work out”. 🙂

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