Jennifer Berenguer

Jennifer Berenguer - Administrative Assistant I never dreamt, nor was it my goal, to become a Leadership and Management trainer. Life gave me a lot of lemons, and I made them into lemonades; being a trainer was one of the best lemonades I have ever done in my life. I was in a precarious, depressing situation with my ex-husband, [...]


Helen Joy Beniasan

Helen Beniasan - Executive Assistant I started working as a Virtual Assistant when I finished school in college. It was hard for me to adjust because it was new to me and I am not familiar with the tools that they're using but I learned. I started a job when I was in my first year of college. I [...]


Marjorie Anne Macahilas

Marjorie Macahilas - Digital Marketing Hi there! I’m Marj. Like everyone else, I started my career as a Customer Support when I was 18 years old. I can still recall how innocent I looked back then, being a newbie in the industry and not knowing how exactly I would navigate through it. But that never stopped me from aspiring [...]


Sheadenil Silvela

Sheadenil Silvela - Executive Assistant I am a Graduate of Business Administration Major in Operations Management at STI College - Cebu. I am really proud of being able to finish my studies despite being a full-time call center employee. I love cooking, watching movie series, and playing the guitar. Well, I am a huge fan of The Beatles. I [...]


Ivy Sadernas

Ivy Sadernas - Executive Assistant I am Ivy, 26 years of age, living with my loving and supportive family. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Chemistry. However, I did not pursue teaching because I find work from home jobs very convenient and it gives me satisfaction in everything that I do. I started [...]


Joyce Anne Lyn Gavieres

Joyce Gavieres - Customer Service Representative, Real Estate Hello and good day! My name is Joyce Anne Lyn but you can call me Jal for short. I am an undergraduate of Hotel and Restaurant Studies. Due to financial restraints, I had to start working and become our family’s breadwinner. I started off as an agent for a debt collections [...]


Catherine Martinez

Catherine Martinez - Administrative Assistant Hello! I’m Catherine. You can call me Cathy. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Psychology and master’s degree holder in Guidance & Counseling. I’m a Licensed Guidance Counselor too. I became a mother 2 years after I finished college. I was working in the BPO industry for 6 years thinking it’s [...]


Liza Mae Torres

Liza Mae Torres - Administrative Assistant, ESL Well, let me start by saying that I love our furry friends, particularly cats. I like watching movies, playing computer games and eating at restaurants too. I also find nature sightseeing and swimming as fun outdoor activities. I also enjoy learning new and interesting concepts, ideologies and new technology. Moreover, teaching has [...]


Recelle Ramos Perez

Recelle Perez - Customer Service Representative Because I started working at the age of 20, I never envisioned myself being unemployed at the age of 42. I was fortunate enough to work for the Philippines' major telecommunications business.  I've never had to submit employment proposals, go through job interviews, or face employer rejections. My first day at work, I [...]


Marivic Madayag

Marivic Madayag - Administrative Assistant, Project Management Life in general has taken me through its hoops and loops. One might say that this goes for my professional life as well. My virtual freelance career started as an article writer and progressed through project management, all the while learning and mastering the tools required for each task. As a virtual [...]

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