Archana Singh – Administrative VA and Graphic Designer

Hi there, my name is Archana Singh but to all my clients, friends and family I am Archie 🙂.

I have been brought up in various parts of Rajasthan (India), a unique state which is the jewel in India’s crown.

I was the oldest child of our household so I was pampered one. 🙂 But the good news is that coming from a village background I was raised with moral values and developed an ethical personality. I believe this makes me a good leader. While I got along well with my family members and my cousins, as a child in school I was always calm and reserved. I think it was because I simply didn’t know how to be an extrovert and propel friendships forward with my classmates. Now, as an adult, when I look back at that girl, I feel pity for my past self.

I was an average academics student but very brilliant in other areas like games and practical activities (eg. dance, art and craft, etc.). Those were the things that I really enjoyed doing rather than studying. I was Captain of several teams in school games, and won many awards for these. I was even voted best captain and player of the school.

It was until I entered into college after completing my Higher Secondary education that I learned to put myself out there. I became more extrovert, learned how to talk to people and be part of a team. Even my stage phobia vanished! I took part in many District and State level exhibitions and won first and second places. While there I started my journey of working as a part time freelancer in various fields. These included content writing, calendar management, etc. I also began learning about Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. I was earning while learning which was a great experience for me and I was on cloud nine. My studies were also going well and matched my work perfectly.

Then I got married at the very young age of 20. As I wanted to build a strong relationship with my new family and fit in with them, I put my studies and career on-hold. But I started working again after 7 months into my married life as my clients wanted me back! Apparently I was one of their favourites because of my love of learning new things and ability to grasp concepts and skills very quicky. So, I joined them, working from home.

There came a time I wanted to learn something new as it had been a while since I had tried something entirely new. So I started my journey along with a group of freelancers who were web developers, as they needed a graphic designer in their team. I approached them with an offer that I would supply graphic design work using a barter system in which they would teach me web designing. They jumped at the chance and welcomed me onto the team. And that’s how I learned Web and App designing and building.

Up to now I have worked with many different clients and built a great circle of contacts. My big dream is to change the mindset of my community; show them that a girl can do anything. I want to show them that even a woman working from home can very well earn more than many of the men.

For my journey in life, my motto is “Want to learn more and Earn more.” This works perfectly for me as I enjoy learning new things and want to achieve great things in my life.

For a copy of Archana’s resume please click here.