Bianca Dizon – General Virtual Assistant

bianca-dizon-vaHi there!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bianca Grace B. Dizon, from the Philippines and currently residing in the heart of Bicol, Naga City. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2016 and I am a registered nurse by profession.

I have 1 year and 6 months of work experience as a Universal Healthcare Implementer at the Provincial Department of Health Office – Camarines Sur. My previous job was more on doing administrative tasks, like email management, calendar management, making PowerPoint presentations and sometimes calling possible applicants.

Supposedly, I am an incoming third-year medical student, but due to the pandemic and unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to stop, and this is where I discovered the world of freelancing.

Well, you might be thinking, “Why didn’t you choose to work in the hospital?” I really get that question a lot during the interview. I am an only child and as much as I wanted to work in the hospital, I also considered the safety of my parents as they are seniors.

I tried applying many times on different platforms, sometimes I don’t get a reply, and there were times that I was interviewed but was not able to pass for the position. With those series of rejections, I tried to search and took free courses. I was also able to take an online certification course on Social Media Marketing. I tried to apply again, and luckily, a client who is based in the US and who is starting up a business interviewed me and she offered me a one-week paid trial to gauge my skills along with other virtual assistant applicants.

bianca-dizon-vaAfter the trial, I waited for about 4 days for the result and I was happy that she offered me the position as a part-time general virtual assistant. She commended me for my skills and I would like to quote on what she said:

“Your work ethic this past week was above and beyond, and your great attitude and ingenuity are things I value in a teammate.”

Hearing that really lifted my spirit up. She also told me that since I’ll be working part-time, I could get another client so that I will be able to hone and acquire new skills.

A brief background of my job is more on data entry, social media management (content creation and ads campaign set-up), research, audio/video transcription, SEO research, video editing, and website management/development. I am familiar with Google Suite, Trello, Airtable, and Canva. As of writing, I am exploring how to use Asana, Slack, and Notion.

My partner and I are planning to set up a social media agency since I have taken up the course and he is studying business management. So to build up our portfolio, we are managing the food business page of my partner’s brother. I created graphics, made a sample product label, and set up message automation.

I am aware that I am a so-called newbie in this freelancing world, but I can say that being a virtual assistant is more than just a skill but also an attitude. And as for me, I have the attitude to be self-driven, passionate, and committed in everything that I do to help you and your business stay on the line and grow.

For a copy of Bianca’s resume please click here.