Cassandra Way – Content Marketing and Admin Assistant, and Avid Wildlife Conservationist

Hi – I’m Cassie. ๐Ÿ™‚

My childhood was that of a simple country girl, born and raised in rural dairy farm country in Victoria, Australia.

I am the eldest of four children, and my family was close-knit and loving.

I grew up riding horses, playing chase with our family German Shepards, and hide and seek on our 5-acre property with my brother and sisters. I attended a primary school of 50 students, and a high school with only 300.

From my father, I gained a healthy work ethic and stubborn determination, and from my mother a love of all animals, and a thirst for learning.

I graduated high school with good grades and moved to Melbourne to attend Deakin University where I studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science, majoring in Wildlife Conservation. In a fiercely competitive industry, I set out to broaden my experience with volunteering, which I instantly loved. Weeks were spent in the wild outdoors, trudging through mud and rain in gumboots checking trap lines, collecting data and recording samples, riding around in huge four-wheel drive vehicles down abandoned laneways.

My volunteering adventures took me from the fierce cold mountains of Tasmania, hunting Devils, the arid red sands of Central New South Wales spotlighting for bilbies and bettongs, to the vast rocky outcrops and hidden fresh springs of the Kimberley, counting bandicoots and brown snakes.

It became my passion, and always will be. ๐Ÿ™‚

After graduating, I decided to take my passion a step further and ventured to South America for four months, travelling and volunteering with their own native wildlife in the dense and humid jungles of Bolivia. I began my solo trip in Buenos Aires and made my way north, through Argentina, into Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and finishing up in Panama. It was one of the most life-defining and eye-opening experiences of my life.

As with most young people, I got the travel bug and over the years, I have visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and most recently – enjoyed a month in Mexico.

Back in Australia, I havenโ€™t stayed in one place for too long, working in the hospitality industry in Echuca, Melbourne, a few seasons at the snow resort of Falls Creek, and finally here on the Gold Coast, where I moved to complete my dissertation at Griffith University.

The way of life and climate of the Gold Coast appealed to my love of the outdoors, with both the beach and the mountains so close by, and I have stayed here much longer than I originally planned. Coffee has a big scene here and may have also influenced my inability to leave! My brother and his wife, and one of my sisters now live here too, all of us residing within ten minutes drive of each other.

Here I met my partner, and with him and our adopted fur-baby, Sully the cat, I have never been happier.

I can’t seem to stop enrolling in new studies, as I am currently studying captive wildlife management, and volunteer a day a week at a wildlife sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

I am a self-taught Virtual Assistant to give myself the freedom to travel and work, and to support people like myself to realise their dreams. ๐Ÿ™‚

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