Catheryn Mangampo Remoto – Customer Support Specialist

Portrait of Catheryn RemotoHello! Most of my friends call me Cath or Cathy.

I was born and raised in a province with a simple lifestyle. I am the eldest among four children of a housewife and a barber.

Since childhood, my eyes were open to the harsh realities of life. We experienced many struggles growing up, including financial challenges and food security. When I was still an elementary student, the most important thing for me to do was to study hard so I could provide for the needs of my family in the future.

Fast forward…

I dedicated my life to studying and even earned awards when I was in College. But when I thought we were at the end of hardships, life proved me wrong! It all started about a month out from graduation…

I suffered from anxiety and it hit me hard. There were times there that quitting seemed the only option for me. But I hung in there with the help of my family, the love of my life, and most especially God. During those times, I needed to take medication – but still the anxiety continued. My family took me to different “quacks” (doctors) believing that they could cure me, but to no avail. I was so desperate! The colours of my life became black and white and I never saw any other colours. I felt like I was stuck in a “black hole” and just waiting for the end.

But then a government agency called me to accept an offer to be a Community Empowerment Facilitator. I grabbed at it more for the sake of my family – even though there was still some doubt about myself because I was not 100%. I worked in the agency for 2 years.

After the contract, I moved to Manila to work as a Customer Service Representative. Six months later I needed to resign as I was now carrying a life inside me. I needed to go back to our province. Unfortunately, my partner was not home to be with me as he was away working on a cruise ship. Through my pregnancy I experienced bouts of anxiety centered around the fear of being judged by people because my partner and I were not yet married.

And it never once entered my head that becoming a mother would help me to overcome it!

I always prayed to ask for His guidance, to give me strength and He never let me down again. From the moment that my baby was born and unexplained happiness filled me. I overcame the anxiety that I had been fighting for 3 years! And I’m so relieved to say that I became a positive person from that moment on. 🙂

The most important thing I have learned from my experience is to never give up. Even a storm has an ending. This experience has helped me to be a brave and strong person, and to see the beauty in all aspects of life.

Now I am working as an Online English Teacher. It allows me to fulfill the promise to my family of helping them until my brother graduates, and also to help my partner with providing for the needs for our own small family.

I believe that the experiences and skills I developed from my previous jobs will be a great asset to your company. Being a self-taught person, and my ability to adapt to different kinds of situations will help me to be a reliable Virtual Assistant.

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