Cindy Icaro – CSR, QA, Recruitment and Marketing

cindy-icaro-profileI have been in the service industry for over a decade now and I am happy to be of service to everyone.

My name is Cindy Icaro. I am 35 years of age; happily married with 2 kids. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Right after college, I was luckily hired as a Restaurant Manager in one of the famous Japanese restaurants in the country. It was a challenging role for me as a new graduate with no experience in managing a business. But with God’s grace and with proper training, I was able to surpass every day’s challenge.

After 4 years, I tried another company as a Restaurant General Manager again. With all the experiences I had, I was able to gain respect and was able to run 2 branches at a time. I experienced all the ups and downs of being a Restaurant Manager. I have mingled with all types of customers; was able to receive all kinds of complaints and compliments. But one thing is missing, it’s the quality time I should have for my family. Ever since I was younger, I have always been a family-oriented person and I always dream of being a hands-on mum.

I always hear beautiful stories of those working in an office-based company. Going to work in the morning and going home right after an 8 hour job. It seems that they were able to spend more time at home than in the office. So I decided to shift career; from restaurant operation to an office type of work. I applied in a BPO company and luckily was hired as a Customer Service Representative. I went through a lot of adjustments like the graveyard shift and the office set up, but it was a very fulfilling job. I was able to use my previous experience because I love talking to people and I like solving their glitches. I handled clients from the US. I dealt with inbound calls to provide troubleshooting information and analyse customers’ information and needs, issue billing details and other customer account issues. I reply through emails to provide specific information regarding the services, products, and materials offered by the company.

A year after, I heard stories about home-based jobs and became very interested in it. I really gave my best in order for me to get this job because I really want to spend my everyday life with my loved ones and yet still able to continue my career. With God’s grace, I was hired again as a Customer Service Representative. We communicate with customers through email and phone calls to answer questions, solve their product problems, feedback, and troubleshooting. We use Zendesk as our tool for handling emails and phone calls. The program stopped a year after due to the winter season in the US. But I was able to gain a very fulfilling experience in providing customer satisfaction.

If you need someone who’s highly dependable, determined, consistent, a smart worker and a fast learner, I could be likely the one you’re looking for. I am a highly motivated person, a quick learner and a reliable person who can work with minimal supervision. This is my story and I am looking forward to working with you, and thank you for this opportunity

For a copy of Cindy’s resume please click here.