Crismalyn Malate – CSR, eCommerce and Virtual Assistant

crismalyn-malate-formalHi, my name is Crismalyn. But, you can call me Malyn 🙂 I’m from Tacloban, Philippines.

I am happily married – for almost four years now and my husband and I are looking forward to more happy years ahead. We are blessed to have had two children. We had a memorable time with our first daughter, even though we only spent two days with her after her birth – losing her to a heart failure condition. Our youngest daughter just turned two years of age. She is so adorable and likes to play with us all the time. I am grateful to be with my daughter while working at home. I can still watch over and take care of her while at the same time give a very satisfactory output of my client’s requirements

I had been working in the BPO industry for almost 3 years. I handled multiple accounts such as customer service, social media management, medical billing, product research, and product listing. I learned great work ethics and understanding the importance of productivity, efficiency, effectivity, customer satisfaction and working as a team.

During my second pregnancy in 2017 I decided to let go of my full-time job. It was a hard decision but I chose to hand in my resignation to ensure the health and safety of my baby. During this time, I was to look for an opportunity to earn while staying at home. I sell online and I also applied to various online companies.

I believe that the more skills you have the more significant you are as an employee. So, I sought for paid and free training, watched video tutorials from which I have developed skills in picture editing using Photoshop and Canva. My first Virtual Assistant (Home-based) position was with an E-commerce business. I did Product Research, Product Listing Amazon Flat File and Picture Editing. This experience as a Virtual Assistant taught me the importance to have the correct attitude towards work, be reliable, to communicate properly with the client, and time management. I realise that it is not only about having great skills, one needs the right attitude towards your work.

I’m very interested in expanding my knowledge and being part of an awesome team. I always bring a smile, motivation, and positive energy everywhere I go, and the workplace is no exception. I will do anything I can do to make the task or project a success. You’ll find me ready in whatever task you ask and happy to start something new and exciting. I am willing to put in the work, keen to learn and dedicate my time and effort to become a great Virtual Assistant within your business.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Crismalyn’s resume please click here.