Dan Reb Parohino Cacas – Customer Care Supervisor

dan-reb-profileHello! This is Dan Reb Cacas and I am here to share a piece of my life with all of you!

I’m 30 years old, from Manila, Philippines and a middle child of 6 brothers. Growing up with less food on the table while seeing my parents working so hard made me realise how difficult life really is at such a young age.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy back in 2007 and started working at the age of 19 as a service crew member to pay for my tuition during college. It was an environment where there is a continuous turn-over of staff and where even the simplest mistake committed results in an instant scolding and reprimanded. It wasn’t easy but my experience at work made me who I am today.

Studying Physical Therapy while working did not go well. My decision to support myself gave me the reason to quit school because I realised where I really wanted to be… and that was seeing myself working in the corporate world.

I landed my very first corporate job at Eperformax. I worked there with Paypal as a Customer Care Representative and our main role was to assist buyers and sellers with their online accounts in Ebay. It was a very challenging role since we dan-reb-cacas-outdoorsneeded to deal with and talk to customers with complaints about the item they bought or sold through Ebay using their Paypal accounts. I did enjoy my stay at Paypal until I realised that I needed to learn more and challenge myself to become even better as a representative and that was when I decided to pursue a different path.

Through People Support, I was able to work as a Travel Specialist under Expedia back in 2012. My role was to book Flight, Hotel and Car reservations online and to handle customer inquiries and complaints. I learned a lot from the account and gained friends as well that I keep in touch with even up to this day.

I have gained alot of experiences over a span of 3 years working as a CSR with both Paypal and Expedia but my love of science and health as a student of Physical Therapy had given me an opportunity to apply my knowledge about the course while working in a corporate office at the same time and that is when Conduent and I met.

I have worked as an account supervisor with Humana, a healthcare insurance company which is based in the US for 4 years. Through my role as a Team Leader, I have become capable of working under pressure and got used to dealing with different kinds of people either in the office or over the phone. We do reports everyday using MS Word and Excel and presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint which is very essential in mentoring and coaching my agents.

As a Team lead of a healthcare insurance company our role is to verify benefits and policy eligibility and mainly provide assistance in billing medical claims. I believe that our client’s time is very precious and important and the only way for us to fully assist them and to maximise their time is to train and mold front liners that are capable of doing the same task for the account. I understand our client’s problem, lack of time and support to do such activities can be stressful to anyone who is in the medical field.

That’s where I can assist. I can handle the hard work for you so that you can focus on treating and assisting your clients or patients while you’re at the clinic or hospital.

Here are the things that I can do for my potential boss:

  • Verify benefits and eligibility
  • Verify authorisation or referral requirement for some procedures
  • Manage your email
  • Assistance in billing Medical claims
  • Office work

Currently I don’t have Virtual Assistant experience, but having zero experience is not a valid reason to quit!

My hunger and thirst for improvement gave me a reason to venture out into the online world to find more opportunities, and I am now currently working as an Online English Tutor with Rarejob. I am happy to say that my job as a teacher online made me discover other skills that I didn’t know that I have in me. It gave me a good platform to showcase my ability to teach and to share my knowledge about English to my Japanese students. I am a passionate and very hard working online teacher and I make sure that students will learn well and enjoy studying at the same time.

To my future boss, I have shared a piece of myself that you can’t resist. Consider my application as a missing piece that will complete your corporate puzzle.

For a copy of Dan’s resume please click here.