Deborah Anne Blanco – Human Resources Generalist

deborah-anne-blanco-formalMabuhay! (this means welcome in Filipino), my name is Deborah or you could call me Dee and I’m from the Philippines. I grew up in a family of 4. I was blessed with a responsible and loving older brother. My personality and attitude in general is a result of my life experiences.

I graduated and received my license as a Registered Nurse in the same year, but I opted to work in a Contact Centre because the salary and benefits are much better than working as a Nurse and we needed the finances during that time.

I was a Customer Service Representative with my first account, which was for a Satellite Radio Service Provider. Most customers are local truckers who only have the Satellite Radio to keep them company during those long drives, especially in the evening. During those times, I learned that no job was easy. I can never compare the job of a Doctor to a job of a Street Sweeper. Everybody works hard to earn a living. Great sacrifices are even made in order to provide for their family.

In the same company, I was transferred to a credit card campaign because the previous campaign decided to end their contract. I applied as a Quality Analyst and was blessed to have a new position. The challenges and experiences are overwhelming because I had to ensure high quality audits and effective coaching all the time because I was assigned to agents that are considered tenured or veterans in the Call Centre industry. Any negligence on my part would cost my job.

I also worked as a Nurse for five years (Medical and Surgical Adult Ward; Delivery Room; Adult Intensive Care Unit). I was hoping for a greener pasture with deborah-anne-blanco-ridethis profession. I was planning to go to Europe or North America after two more years but my now deceased mother lost her vision as a complication of Diabetes during that time and she asked me to go back home and work locally instead. She passed away after nine months.

I chose a day job during weekdays because I needed the weekends exclusively for my mother and my aunt who was bedridden. My calling as a caregiver still continues and I was taking care of my loved ones. Working as a Human Resource Generalist was the perfect position for a day job with weekends off. I was assigned with recruitment and performance evaluations. I also do Admin ad hoc tasks aside from working in the field on official business to transact with government mandated agencies.

I have different working experiences in different fields, which enables me to be a very reliable and flexible individual. Additionally, the skills that I have acquired and developed through the years are what I can bring to your organisation. So if you are looking for someone who is detail-oriented, committed, and highly reliable, then I hope you will give me a shot.

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