Dianne Azarcon – Recruitment Officer

dianne-azarcon-profileHi! I’m Dianne. I don’t have a nickname so you can just call me Dianne.

I am a college undergraduate with 3 courses which are Information Technology, Electronic Communications & Engineering and English major. The reason why I never finished any of my courses was because during that time, I wasn’t sure of what I really wanted in life, until I became pregnant at the age of 20. That was when I became purpose driven. I wanted to be a good role model for my daughter and this is where my experiences came in.

If you don’t have a college degree in the Philippines, your only chance in life is to work in the BPO industry and that’s where I started.

At first, I learned that the most important skill you need to acquire if you want to be in the BPO is Communication. I’m just glad that I grew up watching English documentaries that helped me broaden and enhance my English speaking skills. I also joined a few debates and extemporaneous speaking contests back in college.

When I landed my first job, I thought it would be easy since as all you need to do is communicate. But I was wrong! Being in the BPO industry requires you to be flexible since you will also handle billing, retaining customers, providing technical support and multitasking. This is where I learned to be patient, calm, analytical and very professional. There are customers who would speak profanity to you but you have to still make them feel dianne-azarcon-vathat everything is okay and that you understand them.

When I had the opportunity to work for other companies, I was able to acquire additional skills and meet people that helped me become more sensitive in life. I am currently working as a Recruitment Officer and my job responsibility is to screen people based on skills, attitude and experience. I also discuss with candidates their job offers – and my role needs you to be a detail-oriented person so you can set proper expectations at the same time. It’s a crucial task but exciting at the same time because I love to see people create better lives because of the opportunity given to them.

It is important that I maintain compassion, respect, integrity and resilience. I also believe that when you’re driven to reach a certain goal, nothing is impossible.

I’m looking forward to helping you succeed in your goals at the same time making it easy for you.

For a copy of Dianne’s resume please click here.