Dolly Rose C. Pacheco – Receptionist

dolly-rose-pacheco-profileHi! My name is Dolly, you can call me Bim. Yes, I know there is no connection from my real name. There are some things in life one simply cannot explain. 🙂

I am a medical student undergrad with one semester left before completing the course. We know for a fact that if you’re in a medical course and you didn’t finish, finding a job that suits your educational background is a challenge. But I never felt hopeless because I know there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for me. Perhaps destiny has another plan.

I’ve been working for 7 years now. I’ve experienced taking on different jobs that are far from my educational background. I’ve worked in the food and beverage industry, business process outsourcing industry, marketing, hotel and restaurant industry. Currently, I am working as a part time homebased lead generation associate. I have learned a lot from my work experiences. I learned that I can adapt to any environment and can become a good team player.

Things may always start with uncertainties, but once you have the answers, everything will fall into place, everything will be okay and you have the power to do anything. Just like how my career started. I started working at a small company but this is where I developed my self-confidence and the skills that I have today. There were a lot of ups and downs, questions dolly-rose-pacheco-funasked, failures endured, lessons learned, confidence gained and different personalities encountered but still surviving and continuously learning.

Curious of what lies ahead, I decided to enter the BPO industry. This is where I enhanced my skills in conversing with people and gained more confidence that I didn’t know I had in me all along.

Later on, I had the opportunity to work in a hotel abroad. Despite the fear of living independently outside my home country, I gathered up all my courage to work with different nationalities. It wasn’t easy at first, but everything soon fell into place.

I learned that as long as you do your job, follow the instructions, have initiative and be responsible in everything you do, everything will be okay. Once you have gained these skills, you can use them in every job you will have in the future. Always bring these skills with you wherever you go because in the end, you are the one who will most benefit from it.

Now that I am working as a part time lead generation associate, I still apply these skills even if I am working from home.

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