Edmond Aguilar – Administrative Assistant, Graphic Design

edmond-aguilar-vaI was born on Dec. 15, 1993. I am an only to my parents who owns a small family business. Like most youngsters, my childhood days were filled with laughter and joy.

At Davao del Norte State College, I studied Bachelor of Science Information Technology. This is a career path that I have always wanted to pursue because multimedia has always held a particular place in my heart. Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by picture and film editing, and I still have a copy of one of the first graphic design books I ever read. The thrill of the design aspect of the project helped me get through the real work of the project. Cutting out attractive photographs from magazines for a poster, combining appealing fonts for a written assignment.

Throughout High School, I continued to obsess over clothes while simultaneously discovering a new affinity for design through school projects. I got myself through the actual work of the project by the enthusiasm of the design element of it, whether it was a science fair, a paper, or some other endeavour. I realized I really found joy in creating and designing which is why I decided to study Information Technology in college. I excelled in both areas of studies and graduated college from Davao del Norte State College 2 years later.

I wanted to get some experience in the workplace, so I began applying for as many full time Illustration and designing jobs as I could find. They were few and far between though and my efforts to apply for Graphic Design jobs came too little due to my lack of portfolio at the time.

So, to make ends meet and keep my parents pleased, I got a job as an administrative assistant and proceeded to spend any spare time I had to brush up on my software and design abilities. Graphic Design appeared to be a far more financially feasible field, as well as one in which I might gain some much-needed real-world experience. I started putting together a design portfolio because I was determined to make the most of my degree.

edmond-aguilar-vaFast forward…

I graduated from Davao del Norte State College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I am also a passer of the Licensure Examination for National Certificate II (NC-II) in Computer Systems Servicing. In terms of my experience, I was an IT Staff at Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in my On-the-Job Training at the Local Government Unit of Carmen, Davao del Norte. I did some technical jobs like encoding, photo, and video editing, networking, and computer troubleshooting. I worked in the LYR Lending Corporation as clerk encoder staff for 9 months. I also worked in the Municipality of Carmen or LGU Carmen as a Clerk Staff in Gender and Development Section Further, working as an IT requires both technical knowledge and the ability to concisely communicate with people.

As an IT Staff in PESO- Carmen, I was frequently engaged in software support like networking and software downloading, who I promptly and efficiently helped with a diverse array of problems especially in downloading software and computer drives for Windows platforms.

After a lot of hard work, I finally feel like I’m in the appropriate sector and doing work that I enjoy. It’s been a long journey to get here, and it’s far from over, but it’s been well worth it, making it all the more fulfilling. Working for oneself carries risks, but my past experiences have shown me that it is no more dangerous than working for someone else. It’s actually safer because your eggs aren’t all in one basket. I’d never turn down a job as an employee if it came down to it; who knows how I’ll feel in the future, but for now, I’m content working for myself as a freelance Web and Graphic Designer.

For a copy of Edmond’s resume please click here.