Francis Jeremiah Garcia – Administrative Assistant

francis-garcia-formalI am a determined and persistent guy, but it is not always the case especially when I was still in grade school. I got teased a lot because I was shy and skinny. However, it did not hinder me from having a good childhood, because I was energetic and friendly. I was living with my cousins whom I considered as my friends and mentor as well. They were my playmates even if they were older than me. I looked up to them as they taught me a valuable lesson in life: to always persevere and not be afraid to fail.

I was proud of all my accomplishments, especially when I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam. It took me several takes, but I did not give up. I guess if I always put something in mind, I can achieve anything.

My first job was being a staff nurse in a rehabilitation center for special children. It was a challenging but a rewarding task because that’s how I learned to be patient and understanding. I had other several nursing jobs. I was also volunteer in a hospital, which helped me gain more experience and enhanced my skills. Since I was a volunteer nurse, I wasn’t paid and so I didn’t have any savings.

In 2010, I landed a job in the BPO industry servicing an airline account. It was a totally different environment from where I was used to. It was stressful but I was able to cope and adapt. I continued as a customer representative for 3 years in a financial account until I decided to venture out new things because it was affecting my health.

For three years, I became an Instructional Specialist for a Chinese company. That was when I learned how to provide feedback, monitor calls, and send out reports. Unfortunately, the company had to close due to financial reasons. The experience was good because I learned so many things, like basic excel tasks, and sending out evaluation reports.

francis-garcia-profileOver the years, I have gained a lot of work experiences and skills. But the most import thing I gained was confidence. At present, I am working as a Virtual Assistant with an Australian Company. At first, it was an office-based company, but my boss gave his full trust in me which led me to work with them remotely. My main tasks include creating proposals, summary reports, data entry, balancing invoices, managing emails, and completing business reports. I have more responsibilities because I am a supervisor, quality analyst, workforce, and IT all at the same time. In a way, I can say I became my own boss.

During my free time, I love watching tv shows and movies. The common thing about the shows or movies I watch is how the main character overcomes adversities. I guess my life is also like a movie, full of adversities and rewards.

Thank you for your time reading my story and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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