Gizela G. Oblad – CSR and Sales Associate

gizela-oblad-profileA seasoned virtual assistant, bread winner and a mother of four wonderful kids – “Gizela Oblad at your service”!

Currently I’m connected with Flatworld Solutions under the Doctors Network campaign as a Benefit Specialist who provides covered benefits to qualified patients under their existing health plans. I do also take occasional virtual assistant tasks from time to time as a source of additional income.

As a breadwinner who anticipates the growing needs of my family, I always see to it that every time an opportunity knocks on my door that I’ll be there to grab it, and if granted – be excellent with it.

I’am also into selling pre-loved items such clothes, bags, shoes, electronics, small appliances, and LPG tanks – or anything that could help me to earn more to assist my family with our day to day expenses.

All of this hard work and personal sacrifices are mainly because of my treasures, my kids – namely Ace the eldest, my twins Amber and Andrei, and my less than a year old baby girl Ali. As busy as I am, I always see to it that they’re not deprived of my time and attention, making sure to have their needs prepared for and have ample time to play and giggle with them.

And that is why I see to it that whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability by doing whatever it takes to excel in life for my kids to have a better and comfortable one.

I may look like an opportunist to some – but I can assure you I’m not! I’m just paving a way for my kids to have a good life. And I thank you for reading my story!

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