Gizelle Diaz – Counselling

If there is one reason for all the motivation to move further and beyond, that would be my family. As an only child raised by hardworking parents, I grew with the understanding that life is about focusing on what really matters. Living a simple life in the province, my parents showed me that investing in oneself is essential rather than acquiring worldly possessions.

Being a kid was fun during my time. It is, in fact, one of the fondest memories I have, since I was showered with unconditional love and support for most of what I wanted to do and become… I perform best in art and music – and the love for reading took my imagination to many places. But there is one thing I was desperate for – having a sibling. This may be the main reason for my great desire to relate, understand, and help other people. Thus, I went into college and finished my degree in Psychology and Masters in Guidance and Counseling.

Growing up had its ups and downs, but my parents taught me that every day is an experience to learn and grow from. These gems of advice from my loved ones are what I carried with me in facing the bigger world, of college, and beyond.

Among the career opportunities that I came across were: being a Psychometrician (where I handled psychological testing), a School Guidance Counselor (where I assisted students in their career and life goals), and a Guidance Department Head (where I led and managed a group of counselors and all the services and plans of the guidance office). I can say that those years of dedicated hard work in the school was not solely intended to earn a living, but more to find meaning in the service that I was providing.

I was well-trained in managing different types of people, and valuing confidentiality is the core of the helping profession I have been in for 11 years. Working with details and profiles allowed me to carefully handle data, prepare presentations, reports, and documentation. I am also confident with my writing skills, both for creative and professional purposes. I was also invited to some recollections and retreats to facilitate motivational talks.

I have learned to be flexible in many situations that life led me to. I may not be the perfect employee and I may not know exactly everything, but I believe that reliability, dedication, and the desire to learn more is the key, and I have those traits. I earned the trust of my employers in terms of the quality of my work outputs – it sure is one of my highlights as an employee. People know me well as a creative individual who often finds resourceful ways to accomplish tasks. I can assist people in various ways, as I am a person who is eager to multi-task and learn new things, and I am always working towards becoming an asset to the company.

With my 11 years of experience in the profession and service in the academe, I learned that, yes, my parents were absolutely right… It is indeed the best to invest in skills, character, and experience if I am to pursue the path to success. I am now on my way to reaching life goals and realising my dreams. I will always continue to be a brave dreamer.

I am a happy and contented mom of 2, a wife, and a loving daughter to my parents. I’ve been working on switching to a long-term, home-based career for a while now. I have been actively managing my own personal portfolio of accomplishments related to online job opportunities, focusing on social media management and virtual assistance on project management, and other opportunities where I am able to use my professional and technical skills, combined with my creative personality. On the side, I currently manage my own crafting business with a growing Facebook page and Instagram account – Happy Stitches Felt Crafts – where I learned from the best and practiced to perfect my niche on Social Media Marketing and Management.

The world is a big place for small hearts, but for brave dreamers it is a limitless possibility of life-changing opportunities. I am ready to follow the path towards my family’s bright future 🙂

For a copy of Gizelle’s resume please click here.