Icar A. Ballesteros

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and this has assisted me with my work as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content writer and link builder. I am skilled with WordPress, email management and content creation. I enjoy working with and interacting with others, and have also worked as a Customer Service Representative. My writing skills are advanced and I’ve even proofread and edited manuscripts from authors.


Kara B. Garcia

I am an experienced Virtual Assistant with a wide range of skills that include business development, blogging, events planning, appointment setting and calendar management, copywriting and phone and email handling. I have excellent communcation skills and believe in building long-term relationships with team mates and clients.


Kim Honorio

Growing up, I was the shy girl. I was just content seeing everybody run around and play. Probably because I was too scared to trip and fall or lose the game. I also felt that I was different. I grew up without my mom there to raise me as well as my sister who was just 6 months old when she left.


Gizelle Diaz

If there is one reason for all the motivation to move further and beyond, that would be my family. As an only child raised by hardworking parents, I grew with the understanding that life is about focusing on what really matters. Living a simple life in the province, my parents showed me that investing in oneself is essential rather than acquiring worldly possessions.

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