Maureen Mulombi – Content Writer and Website Manager

maureen mulombi vaI am a single mum who is doing everything I can to provide a better life for my four year old daughter. My childhood was characterised by struggle and it is for that reason that I would like to change the narrative of my little girl.

I am a graduate with a first degree in psychology and currently provide part-time consultancy services for a nonprofit organisation that provides scholarships to poor but bright students.

My life and education have all been a struggle, being raised by a single parent after my dad died leaving mum with the 6 of us. Despite the financial challenges, I managed to maintain top performance in all my course work and later graduated as a professional psychologist 8 years ago.

Getting a job wasn’t easy with a high level of unemployment rate in my country. I got my first job as an administrator and college students therapist which I thoroughly enjoyed because it was what I studied. Four years later however the job ended and I had to move on and look for another job to earn a living. I was out of work for a few months and when I had almost given up, a friend introduced me to online working where I started as a freelance writer.

Working as a freelance writer was satisfying as I was able to diversify and learn new things. Over time I began expanding my skill in administrative tasks, building on my past experience. To date, I have supplied freelance virtual assistance to different clients which have greatly harnessed my skills. I can provide other services such as web development, WordPress management, and CV writing. These are further skills I have gained while in the freelancing industry.

I have a passion for understanding and providing solutions to individuals and companies. This has been influenced by the fact that I am a professional psychologist.

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