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Rencel Telen Villanueva

Rencel Telen Villanueva - IT Support Hi, I am Rencel Villanueva - but just call me "Renz”. Sometimes people have mistaken me for a woman - but I am a man. I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines of Bachelor in Computer Technology. I am a married man and have one daughter. I want to prove that I [...]


Randell A. Pasion

Randell is a computer technician and IT consultant. He has experience with troubleshooting hardware and software issues – including malware. Randell is also experienced with photo and video editing, sales, and complaints resolution. He has worked with Australian clients and helped to develop processes to increase efficiency and convenience for a large Australian telecommunications company. Randell is self motivated, is fluent in English and has excellent writing skills.


Jennifer Abila

Hi, this is Jennifer Abila. You can call me Jen or Jenny. I am 36 years of age. I graduated from College in 2008. I am a happy person who loves to watch Korean drama series. I am also a food lover – vegetables and noodles are one of my favorites. I am a patient wife to my husband with whom I have 2 energetic and awesome daughters; they are 6 and 7 years old. I can do multitasking, thanks to my daughters! My husband and I are living on our own with our kids. I became aware of the freelancing or the virtual assistant world through social media. I did a lot of research and enrolled in some freelancing training for me to be more knowledgeable about this kind of work. Since then I became more inspired reading success stories about freelancing. I also wanted to earn and provide additional income for the family. I also want to have the ability to work while staying at home and taking care of the family.


Karen Hobi Wong

Looking for a ‘great all-rounder’? Then you’ve found her! I can assist you with administration tasks, digital media marketing, creation of process documentation, bookkeeping (I am proficient with Xero), email marketing, website maintenance, database management, social media management, project management, SEO, creation of graphics, and even video editing.

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