Mark Lester Aguilon Filemon – CSR/TSR, IT Assistant

mark-lester-filemon-profileHi there, I’m Mark Lester Filemon, you may call me Lester or Mark, either one is fine with me.

I am the eldest in the family and have been married for three years now with my college girlfriend. I wish to work at home since I love working in a relaxing environment.

I am an IT graduate and have practiced my profession for almost a year. I’ve been a full time and on-call IT to a private school where I usually monitor technical concerns and to avoid problems when classes or operation is on-going.

After a year, I decided to switch careers and joined the BPO industry. It was difficult at first since I am not that confident in communicating nor speaking, but I have developed this confidence as years go by. I’ve been with the BPO industry for almost 7 years now handling Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales Support over the phone chat and emails. With my continuous effort and eagerness to learn, I was transferred internally to be part of the Work Force Management. I have been a part of the team for 6 months, supporting our own colleagues and operations. I was promoted to Customer Experience and Sales coach after 6 months as I moved back to operations to support my mark-lester-filemon-vacationcolleagues and team members not just for sales but to provide excellent customer experience.

I can say that I am a very flexible and reliable person. I am confident with the skills I developed when I was in BPO. I am also a fast learner and always work with integrity as I believe that there is an honour with what you do, even the smallest things. I can even work with minimum supervision and can handle pressure. And most of all, I always give my 100% commitment to all the jobs given to me and I always work professionally and with passion.

But the other side of me is that I am an easy go lucky person when I am not on duty. I spend my time watching movies and anime with my wife, playing mobile and computer games with my brother and of course enjoying the fulfillment of sleeping.

Thank you for your time and I’m hope to work with you soon.

For a copy of Mark’s resume please click here.