Amos Johanne Sayco

Amos Sayco - Executive Assistant Hi! My name is Amos Sayco, most of my friends call me AJ. Married to a beautiful and loving wife, and a father of two kiddos. I am young when it comes to “professional” experiences. But I am not inexperienced when it comes to life. I lived a hard knock life before I started [...]


Fevem Rhose Paquera

Fevem Paquera - Customer Support Representative Hi, my name is Fevem Rhose and I want to share my life story. I am an Online freelancer and Call Center Agent. I’m enjoying my work because I am able to speak and work with different people. Before I came to this job, I was dreaming of achieving my goal which is [...]


Ledropherey R. Manriquez

Ledropherey Manriquez - Administrative Assistant My name is Led. I was raised in the slums by parents unconsciously promoting independence. My father was a drunkard, was always grumpy and never tried to give us a better future. My mother was loving and caring, however, she was always busy trying to make ends meet and take care of the house [...]


Sharmaine Tuy

From a fiction writer, to a part-time content writer, to getting a full time content writing job. I then ventured into the world of commerce by being a creative virtual assistant who writes blogs, creates basic graphic designs through Canva, manages and works with Shopify, does some email and social media management.