Sharmaine Tuy – Content Writer

sharmaine-tuy-formalI am Sharmaine, and I am not your ordinary virtual assistant. I genuinely believe that I am a one-stop-shop, a jack of all trades, a woman who juggles and hustles skills because she’s hungry to learn.

I have to warn you that I’m the type of person who is always hungry for more. Whenever I set my goals, I always make sure to do everything in my power to achieve them. I don’t settle for mediocrity, and I always try to give my best. With this, I can assure my future clients that they are working with someone who’s just as driven as them to achieve a common goal.

Beaming with an adventurous and creative personality, I humbly started as a fiction writer back in 2012. With my short stories and several experiences in writing essays and speeches, I took the liberty of applying for a role as a part-time content writer, and I got the job! As time passed, I landed a full-time content writing job where I wrote and spun news articles for a law firm site on a flexible schedule. Do note that during the time I was hired for a full-time position, I was still at university, taking a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

I was ecstatic, somehow, knowing that I was already earning a reasonable amount of money that a fresh graduate can only earn after being regularised in a local company. I sincerely believe that I juggled my full-time job, my passion for filmmaking and my thesis well. In fact, I received the best thesis award when I graduated.

sharmaine-tuy-profileWhen I graduated, I joined several independent film productions while I was still working as a content writer. I was happy that I got the chance to do my passion and still earn for my family.

However, it didn’t stop me from doing more. I’ve seen myself getting bored with my very routinary days. I was looking for adventure. Hence, I ventured into the world of commerce by being a creative virtual assistant who writes blogs, creates basic graphic designs through Canva, manages and works with Shopify, does some email and social media management.

Aside from offering my services to interested clients, I also indulge myself in learning and developing new skills. When not working, you’ll probably see me watching Netflix, taking part in free webinars and tutorials. I still write fiction stories and film scripts. Someday, given a chance, I look forward to making my first full-length film.

But more than that, I’m more than willing to work with you! Let’s connect!

For a copy of Sharmaine’s resume please click here.