Randell A. Pasion – I.T. Support

randell-pasion-father-and-sonI believe that the most powerful tool that a person could have is knowledge. As the saying goes “Knowledge is power”, it means that it is something that we have up our sleeve and ready to use at all times. It can also be a dangerous tool if we are not careful. I have had my fair share of ignorance before and now I have wised up.

My name is Randell Pasion and I am 28 years old. I am a father of 2 children and I do everything it takes to provide for my family. I dropped out of college during my third year for making poor choices in life, however, that did not stop me from being self-motivated and getting a job. I grew up with a family that has ridiculously high standards, which I can be thankful for making me what I am today. I took the program Bachelor of Science in Economics – Minor in Business at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. I had to stop during the second semester of my third year in college due to a wrong decision. In a span of 7 months, our family lost the resources to send me back to finish the program and that was when I realised that I had to get a job.

I always had a knack for investigating things and getting to the bottom of it. You could say that I was a great problem-solver which made me apply mainly for Customer Service Representative roles in various companies. The company that I went with was Telstra International Philippines, INC. It is a telecommunications company based in Australia. I worked as a Complaints Resolution Coordinator after 7 months of being a Billing Consultant. The company saw value in how I was able to produce the best resolutions for the customers and at the same time be fair to the company. As a matter of fact, I developed and designed processes that would be efficient and convenient at the same time. Prior to that, I helped the family business with ticket sales since my Father was in the events business.

After a while, I tried my luck with sales. I started applying for a job as an appointment setter for Health IQ. It is a health insurance company based in Mountain View, CA, USA. Our job was to cold call clients who asked for a free quotation and interviewed them just to see whether they were qualified or not. We followed a certain checklist to see whether they were eligible to receive specialised rates or not since the company was offering specialised rates for the health conscious. I decided to quit that job after a few months as I now had the money to start my own pastry business. Up until now, I still keep tabs on it although it still doesn’t earn enough to support my family.

Everything that I established over the years which includes experience, skills and attitude, came from knowledge. As a small-time businessman, I completely understand reliability and it is what I mainly bring to the table with more than just a hundred percent. I can be very reliable with my work and I would like the opportunity to come work for you, even if I have my pastry business on the side.

As soon as you hire me, you can rely on me getting the job done without any problems as I do not tolerate sloppiness and lack of focus. I am also pretty sure I can manage my time well without affecting other schedules.

I look forward to working with you as a full-time VA.

For a copy of Randell’s resume please click here.