Joeval A. Cabanus – Customer and Technical Support

joeval-cabanus-vaHi my name is Joeval A Cabanus.

I’ve been a part of the Call Center industry for more than 7 years now for a selection of companies. During that span of time, I became aware of a company that started with a home-based format. That’s when I became interested in the concept of working from home. (Hopefully full time for you!).

Now is the right time for me to explore this avenue, given that my kid is growing. We are supposed to be a family of three – but personal issues and differences between my wife and I undermined our relationship. My daughter, who almost 6 years of age is living with me. I want to be with her as she grows older and pay more attention to her. My goals are the same as most of the guys who have ventured into or applied to home-based job offers. We are seeking balance with work and having time with our families. We all want to focus on the most important things in our lives.
I do have hobbies like doing regular exercises, online games, and going outside for a feel of nature every-time I needed to detoxify from the toxic world of employment that I’m currently involved in. I’m into photography as well lately. I’m starting to appreciate life from a different perspective. And I want to do it more often than usual, and that’s why I’m looking for the type of work that will let me do so.

joeval-cabanus-profileAs of the moment, I’m doing fine in my current job. However, I want to obtain financial stability without sacrificing precious time with my family in the process. And as I read some of the stories that appear on the Virtual Assistant Team website, it seems that the dream that one could never imagine happening in my life of working from home is a possibility.

Given all of my experiences, and working the customer service industry for such a long period, fluency is not a question anymore. I can say that I speak and write English at an above average proficiency.

I have handled technical concerns, billing, sales, customer service, etc. and used multiple tools to effectively complete the tasks within the given timeframes.

I’m confident that I will prove to be a good addition to your ever growing team, not just because of my experience, but also because I love new challenges! I love things that make me grow and develop as a professional. I’m always seeking for new things as I believe having that mindset will make me go further than my current achievements in life.

I hope you will consider me as a potential candidate for your team.

For a copy of Joeval’s resume please click here.