Rencel Telen Villanueva – IT Support

rencel-villanueva-wifeHi, I am Rencel Villanueva – but just call me “Renz”. Sometimes people have mistaken me for a woman – but I am a man. I graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines of Bachelor in Computer Technology.

I am a married man and have one daughter. I want to prove that I can support my family, however, I don’t have a house as yet so we are still living with my mother-in-law. I have been through so many trials during my life, but I have never given up – I just kept on fighting.

I have worked for almost 12 years in desktop support or technical support. My task is to help clients with their concerns and issuing them a ticket so I can notify them when there is an update. I remotely troubleshoot their computer if there is an unresponsive application, no internet connection, windows error, etc. This job has taught me how to handle irate users or clients by having enough patience to listen, understand, be calm, and lower your voice. I loved this job because I got to learn new things about technology and application. I have explored Google, social media, and books with the help of my best friend who also works in IT.

rencel-villanueva-commencementI also love photography, I can edit and manipulate photos. I have my daughter as the model since she loves to be in front of the camera. 🙂 In photography, you get to reminisce about the happy moments and enjoy the smiles you have caught on camera. I can create a brochure, business cards, advertising tarpaulin, and magazines. I also do video editing, but just for simple advertising or vlogging. I’m willing also to accept new tasks, I am willing to learn, and I am a fast learner.

I am applying for a home-based job because I would like to take care of my daughter and teach her the important values she needs to know. Another reason is the heavy traffic in the city, so it is an advantage to work at home, not having to worry about the traffic, and getting ready for work. Last, the pandemic Ncov-19 has pushed me to work from home to protect myself, my daughter, and the people vulnerable to the virus.

To the client, I am happy to serve you with all of my heart and soul. I want to serve you in the long run, as long as I can be productive at your company.

For a copy of Rencel’s resume please click here.