Glenn Mardoquio – Customer Service Representative

glenn-mardoquio-profileI’m Glenn Mañoza Mardoquio from Cebu, Philippines. You can call me Glenn. I finished a 2-year Associate course in STI Computer College Cebu and graduated in 2003.

In 2004, I landed my first job. I was a Production Technician for a Japanese manufacturing company somewhere in the northern part of Cebu. My job was purely hands on. As a production technician, I troubleshoot machines and devices to maintain the mass production of our world class electronic parts. We need to make sure we meet the deadlines and deliver millions of these products to our customers. I was happy with the skills I acquired and was grateful for it. I even thought about working overseas but also thought about working in a BPO. I worked there for 3 years and in 2007, I decided to choose a different path.

I was hired by my first call center company near my residence in July of 2007. I was a Customer Service Representative for a US prepaid mobile service. My job was activation, reactivation, sim replacements and sales. I worked there for 6 months. I left the company because I was a offered to sing for a rock band and thought it could be a full time job.

In 2008, I was hired by another call center company and was assigned to a telecommunications account for British customers. I was a Customer Service Representative/Technical Support Representative. My role included billing inquiries, sales, troubleshooting the internet service, collections and telephone service approval for customers who want to have service in their area. I worked there for 3 years. I left the company in 2011 because my mother got sick and I had to take care of her. I’m happy she’s currently doing well now.

glenn-mardoquio-videokeFrom 2012 to 2017, I had informal jobs. My neighbour recommended me for work with his client remotely. I was assigned to different roles and different campaigns. I was a Data Verification Agent/Appointment Setter depending on the campaign because it was all project based. I was cool about it because I earned a lot, however my neighbor relocated abroad so I was suddenly unemployed.

I went back to formal employment in 2018 and worked for an eCommerce company as a Customer Service Representative. I was with their logistics team for their British customers handling phone calls, emails, and chat. I left in December 2019 because I bought a new desktop and I want to work from home. This time I want to have more quality moments with my wife and kids.

All this time I was always motivated to provide for my family. I thought that the conventional way of working could make me a good provider. I feel like I’m from a different world when you have more hours in the office than in your house. I don’t want to miss any occasions or celebrations with my family. I want to make a difference, I’m 35 now and finally I’m home.

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