Florissa W. Benolerao

Florissa W. Benolerao - CSR and Administration I am a professional with over 4 years of experience in Virtual Assistance. I started as a researcher and lead Generator and eventually became an Advertising Manager and Photo editor. I worked as a content writer and Admin Assistant. Prior to being a Virtual Assistant, I honed my skills working in the [...]


Alyssia Valentin

Alyssia Valentin - Marketing Manager One of the beautiful aspects of life is that it can take us to unexpected places. It took me many years in corporate jobs that I could not find purpose in to realise that I had a desire to blaze my own path and create my own definition of “success.” Armed with everything I [...]


John Vincent P. Empenida

John Vincent P. Empenida - CSR and eCommerce Hey, how are you? My name is John Vincent Empenida. You can call me John for short or most of my friends just call me JV. I'm from Cebu City, Philippines. I am 28 years old, married, and already a father of three beautiful God-given children. I took up a Bachelor [...]


Kara B. Garcia

Kara B. Garcia - CSR and Executive Assistant Hi! I’m Kara and I would love to be your next Virtual Assistant :) My broad background ranges from customer service to team management, program coordination to end-to-end recruitment. I worked in the BPO industry for almost 14 years having been a CSR, Case/Escalations Manager, Program Coordinator, Executive Secretary, and Team [...]


Shane Gonzales Gacita

Shane Gonzales Gacita - Human Resource Management Hello! I am Shane Gacita! I have a background in Bachelor of Science in Nursing because it was my first course back in college, but due to unforeseen events that my family was going through at that time I had to stop for a year and when I came back I pursued [...]


Zharie Mae Q. Coderes

Zharie Mae Q. Coderes - Digital Marketing and Copywriter Born in a competitive environment, I was raised to explore and discover my versatility in different fields since I was a child. I like trying various things until I discover my potential and what I’m good at. Being the eldest in my family, I’ve always wanted to be a good [...]


Shean Marie R. Castro

Shean Marie R. Castro - Paralegal and Executive Assistant Hi, I’m Shine. :) I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Diplomatic Studies and a Master of Juris Doctor (Bachelor of Laws). I am a Paralegal by profession but I am mostly engaged in different scopes of work like Virtual Assistant tasks including Data Research, Product Listing, [...]


Maureen Mulombi

Maureen Mulombi - Content Writer and Website Manager I am a single mum who is doing everything I can to provide a better life for my four year old daughter. My childhood was characterised by struggle and it is for that reason that I would like to change the narrative of my little girl. I am a graduate with [...]


Noriel See

Noriel See -Copywriter Hi, I'm Noriel See. Growing up, I was a socially awkward kid who spent a lot of time playing by myself. However, my childhood has never been boring because I enjoyed drawing comic strips and crafting entire worlds out of nothing. Unlike my siblings, I never had a natural flair for art and my characters were [...]