Kara B. Garcia – CSR and Executive Assistant

kara-garcia-profileHi! I’m Kara and I would love to be your next Virtual Assistant 🙂

My broad background ranges from customer service to team management, program coordination to end-to-end recruitment. I worked in the BPO industry for almost 14 years having been a CSR, Case/Escalations Manager, Program Coordinator, Executive Secretary, and Team Manager.

On my downtime, I love taking care of and walking my dog, reading, writing, watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, shopping, and hanging out or catching up with friends and family. I don’t call myself a photographer, but I love taking pictures/videos. My philosophy is that no one is really an expert on anything, so I try to learn more, learn every day, and always be teachable.

After years of working, I decided to stop and go back to school to pursue a second degree, an interest I broadened from being curious about Psychology. It was a surreal, enlightening, and rejuvenating experience: I was with classmates who could have been my own children! Most of them called me “ate” (ah-teh; big sister in Filipino), some called me “mom”. I gained a whole new perspective on life and people while I was there. Psychology taught me (still is teaching me) that we are our own unique selves and that accepting who we are brings forth kara-garcia-casualacceptance in and of others. Respect, inspiration, positivity, love, etc. are just bonuses you get to enjoy and hopefully not take for granted.

In 2016, I started my HR career by being a recruiter for a BPO company which subsequently led me to a job as an end-to-end recruiter for an Australian construction conglomerate. Both experiences have been fruitful and stimulating since they were great beginnings for an HR career path I have dreamt about and am still carving for myself.

Later on, as an HR Analyst for a renowned American car company, I was able to not just exercise my core skills but add to them too – by coming up with, and eventually actualising an RPA-driven ideation for bulk transactions. Before that, I was also able to help in saving AUD 200-400 per employee for my previous employer by implementing uniform provider transition, from test to live stages, for company cost-efficiency and material durability.

Currently, I am a Real Estate VA and in my short stint, I have already proposed another Robotic Process Automation idea that should move things along in a more rapid pace for my current employer’s reporting use.

I would bring to your company a broad range of skills, including calendar, email, and social media management, minutes/notes taking, travel arrangements/bookings, phone banking, end-to-end recruitment or interviews, generating and analysing reports, and everything in between. Having attention to detail is one of the skills I’m proud of and always strive to do daily, as well as being generous with ideas and working with efficiency without compromising the integrity and veracity of the task.

Most of the people I’ve worked with have described me as being approachable, gregarious, reliable, and optimistic – values I hope I am able to maintain throughout my life.


For a copy of Kara’s resume please click here.