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Raymund Aizpuru

Raymund Aizpuru - Recruitment Specialist My name is Raymund Aizpuru, 31 years old and I was born in Cubao Quezon City Philippines. My parents came from the Visayas region and every since I was young, we regularly practiced their local language which is Hiligaynon (another Visayan language particularly in Negros Occidental). I am now living in Bacolod since my [...]


Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja

Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja - Account Specialist Hi, I’m Maria Cristina Francisco-Berja. Please call me “Trixie”. Just to tell you a little bit of background about me. I was 16 years old when I first decided to find a job to help my parents. During that time, my mum talked to me and told me that they can no longer [...]


Reumil Hechanova Moreno

Reumil Hechanova Moreno - Customer Service My name is Reumil Moreno, 28 years old and I am from Negros Occidental, Philippines. I am an aspiring freelancer who is looking forward to finding a promising job working from home. When I was little, my father would always tell us that you to work for what you eat and this is [...]


Kara B. Garcia

Kara B. Garcia - CSR and Executive Assistant Hi! I’m Kara and I would love to be your next Virtual Assistant :) My broad background ranges from customer service to team management, program coordination to end-to-end recruitment. I worked in the BPO industry for almost 14 years having been a CSR, Case/Escalations Manager, Program Coordinator, Executive Secretary, and Team [...]


Lorna D. Moran

Lorna D. Moran - CSR and Virtual Assistance Are you stressed? Are you missing bonding moments with your family and friends? I have worn several hats throughout my journey. My first job started in a commercial bank in Makati City. I was a Junior Processor, where I coordinated and took control measures with branch cashiers for dispatching. Then I [...]


Ginalyn Quintos

Ginalyn Quintos - CSR and CRM Specialist My name is Ginalyn but I go by the name of Jordie. I am the only daughter of my parents. Though I am the fruit of a broken family, my mother never refrained from giving me life advice - especially when it came to work ethics. She always told me that integrity [...]


Mari Kitano

Mari Kitano - Real Estate VA and Administrative Assistant Hi I'm Mari :) For a brief background, my career as a freelancer today is a product of all that I have learned and experienced through my BPO company. I have 9 years worth of BPO experience tucked under my belt as a Customer Service, Sales Representative and as a [...]


Irene Joy Lumangyao

Irene Joy Lumangyao - Administrative Assistant Hi, my name is Irene Joy S. Lumangyao. I am a 30 year old mother of 2 - a 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. I was born in Bacolod City, commonly known as the "city of smile". Yes, I am proud to say that people in my place always do wear their best [...]


Kriz Alethea A. Manalo

Kriz Alethea A. Manalo - VA and CSR Hello! I’m Kriz Alethea A. Manalo, currently residing in a small Municipality in the Province of South Cotabato, Philippines. I’m a graduate of Business Management Administration. However, I fell pregnant during my last year in College and was forced to stopped to give birth and finish my remaining year. It was [...]


Theresa Jane L. Te

Theresa Jane L. Te - Executive Assistant Hi! I’m Theresa Jane, but you can call me ‘TJ” or just “T”. I have a degree in Biology but never really got the chance to land a career related to Biology. I was born and raised in the small city of Roxas, which is also known as the seafood capital of [...]