Ginalyn Quintos – CSR and CRM Specialist

ginalyn-quintos-profileMy name is Ginalyn but I go by the name of Jordie.

I am the only daughter of my parents. Though I am the fruit of a broken family, my mother never refrained from giving me life advice – especially when it came to work ethics. She always told me that integrity is the key to every success and with hard work you reap what you sow.

I am a ‘people person’ and I would say that I am a tech savvy person.

I love going through social media like:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tumbler
  • Twitter, etc.

I am a process driven person and I always make sure that I do my task in the given timeframe, meeting all targets, and making sure that there will be a strong presence created for your company.

I worked for outsourcing companies for almost 4 years. I am able to adapt to any drastic changes – a common occurrence with BPO companies here. I’m used to working with different tools for the different companies that I worked with including apps like Salesforce, CRM’s, and more – all depending on the account that I handled.

Now that I am working as a Virtual Assistant, I have undergone a lot of trainings. I know how to perform:

  • skiptracing
  • property management
  • lead generation
  • cold calling, as well as…

… taking inbound calls from customers or clients and making sure that I treat them with an excellence that will reflect the company’s vision.

For a copy of Ginalyn’s resume please click here.